Creative writing activity for individual writers

Before My Mind’s Eye


to bring to life and (revitalise for yourself) a visual memory

to connect it with other sensual recollections

to practice first automatic writing and then

to edit the unreflected written material


individual writing




a) This exercise can yield material for the Bits Box

b) if the final text only marginally deals with the sensual memories from the original exercise, this is not negative or a problem.


Try to sit as relaxed as you can and close your eyes if this might help. Envisage a memory that has left a strong visual impact, which need not be dramatic.

Try to recall the memory from the visual image and connect it with other sensual impressions (smell, taste, touch, hearing).

Spend a couple of minutes trying with as little language and as much sensual impressions to recreate the scene in your memory.

Write for fifteen minutes exactly without taking that hand with your pen off the paper, filling in the moments when you can’t think of things with words and phrases you associate spontaneously with what you’ve just written.

Leave the text to rest for a few days and then read it again. Cross out the bits you no longer like and rewrite into a new text.


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