Creative writing activity for individual writers

What if …


to practice modals expressing hypothetical states/hypothetical conditionals

to create a love (or hate) poems


individual work


‘Without you’ by Adrian Henri

‘If not for you’ by Bob Dylan


none in particular


Imagine a person who means a lot to you. Think about all the features that make this person special for you. Put together as many reasons as you can why this person is so important in your life, for example what this person does to your life.

a) Imagine what would happen if this person were no longer there to do these things. (Alternatively, if this person is not (yet) part of your life, what would be different if s/he was?)
b) Brainstorm a list of things typical for everyday life, then think of ways these would be (absurdly) different if it was not for this person.

Write down a list of 2a) or 2b) possibly using a repetitive phrase at the beginning of each line or each stanza to give the poem a structure.

If it is a love poem, give it to the person you wrote it for.

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