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Music and News

By FAM :: 27 May 2008

Words (Big Bill Shakespeare) and Music (FAM)

It had to happen at some stage and now it has: what with all the possibilities for ego-mania on Web 2.0 it was probably merely a matter of time until we'd be using the marvellous possibilities of Facebook and Co and the opportunities this affords for pushing music on the unsuspecting and innocent.

For the Student Theatre Group production of As You Like It I had the pleasure to supply the music, which can now, together with a couple of other songs that represent my dabbling in song-writing and recording, be accessed by clicking on this:


It's actually quite interesting that after years of playing other folks stuff (a decent cover is always better than a mediocre composition) and of not doing very much in terms of original music, there is now a burst of this and, given time, a fair bit more soon. It was great working on the tunes for the Shakespeare and his lyrics are so easy to sing, so doing the music for them was almost too easy.

The other two songs on the site for the moment are results of a bit of pastichy dabbling, with the song "Never Change" a kind of Cohen-by-numbers. The strange things seems to be that both but this one in particular attracted a lot of favourable and completely un-ironic comment on Myspace before the account was closed down for reasons that have remained unexplained. Still, go and have a listen ... and don't fall for all the heavy-duty hard sell of having to become a fan and all that. I'm doing this for fun, not (so much) for my ego.

Poetry Workshop and Reading with Poet, Singer and All-Round Good Man Donny O'Rourke

It has been my pleasure to get to know this wonderful writer, singer and enjoyer of good company, good craic and good cheer and I take great pleasure in drawing attention to the fact that he is doing a workshop and a reading on

Thursday, 29 May, 16.15-18.00 (workshop)
and 18.15 -19.15 (reading)
at Unitobler, Room f-121

It will be great to work with Donny and even greater to see lots of people for a reading that promises to be truly memorable.

More News to Follow Soonest

There will be more news soon including some concerts with the next incarnation of the Psynchopaths and a poetry reading in Langenthal.


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