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Arrival in the 21st Century

By FAM :: 20 January 2008

Well, Web 2.0 being seriously upon us, this gives many of us a shot at media glory. And then, of course, there are all these ways of making a relatively shakey amateur video look rather less shakey and adding some snazz, largely thanks to Mac (with seems rather snazzier) and Windows (considerably less so).

Andri, Franz's son, age 12, has been messing around on his Macbook, and with the tricks it affords for editing video footage. The outcome is this short film featuring Franz reading "Pets". The video, not shakey at all, actually, was taken by Amy Smearsoll of the International School of Berne, where the reading took place during a residency there. The title tune, incidentally is a rough'n'ready multitracked first effort at a recent song. Oh, yes, and the whole thing is a Cloak & Dagger Production, Andri's most recent venture.


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