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More Music at Mappamondo

By FAM :: 30 September 2007

After the rather pleasant evening with a wide variety of music that was ED-Aid 07 the Arts Council of the English Department has had the glorious idea to repeat the event in order to welcome our new students and to publicise what the Arts Council is all about.

And thusly we find ourselves again, Dick Watts and Dewi Williams now colloborating a bit more closely together with friends before being joined by the indefatigable Psynchopaths. And then, of course the second part of the evening will be devoted to the usual mix of Blues, Rock, Fun(k), Soul and touches of Jazz, although it has been rumoured that new songs have been added to the mix.


So get there for
Friday 5 October
Theatersaal, Länggassstrasse 44,
3012 Bern,
starting at 19:30 hrs or at least that's when the bar opens
(see also the Download file of the concert poster)

As a small advance taster there is an amateur video from one of the practice sessions featuring Dick, Dewi and Franz out in the sunny climes (ha-bloody-ha) of Oltigen, where for once the sun shone happily on three men as they were playing music in the backgarden.


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