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Ed-Aid 07 Benefit Concert

By Rudolf Ammann :: 26 January 2007

Creative-writing.ch's own FAM will perform on stage, larger than life and twice as natural, as part of the Ed-Aid 07 Benefit Concert, which will be held at the Mappamondo Theatersaal, Länggassstrasse 44, 3012 Bern, on Friday, 2 February 2007, starting at 20:00 hrs.

The line-up includes:

The concert hall and bar will open at 19:00 hrs, admission comes to CHF 15.--/20.--, and all proceeds go to the following charities: SidEcole, Cecily's Fund and the Equal Education Fund.

The event will double as somebody's birthday party, but the person in question being of a modest and bashful disposition, no names shall be named. Not at this point, anyway.

The concert poster is available for your downloading pleasure in a common desktop wallpaper size (1024 x 768 px) and in PDF format.


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