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Singing with Old Friend Dewi Williams

By FAM :: 17 March 2006

When Dewi Williams retired, there was widespread despair that both his dulcet tones and his repertoire of good-time songs would be lost to the students and friends of the English Department. And soon the raucous pre-Christmas parties with their impromptu finger food buffets and improvised quaffing (instead of serious academic work, of course), so much disliked by the caretakers, would become nothing but a dim memory of the few survivors.

Fortunately, nothing can hold Dewi down for long and so it is with great pleasure that we can announce an Evening of Songs: on Wednesday 29 March at the AliBaba / LänggassTreff on Lerchenweg 35, Bern as of 7 p.m. Dewi will be performing his songs (with yours truly doing the backing picking/vocals) and everyone is expected to join in lustily. The evening is organised by the Swiss-British Society Bern, bless their cotton socks, and should be good fun. Be there with well-oiled vocal chords...



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