Creative writing activity for group/workshop

Fifteen Seconds of Fame



groups to start off with, then individual writing


Rita Ann Higgins ‘Lucky Mrs Higgins‘


At least two slips of paper per particiant, which can be stuck onto a window, a blackboard or a smooth wall


  1. On one slip of paper write down a character, preferably someone that suggests intimacy (e.g. an aunt, parent, sibling, cousin)
  2. Add a few personal strengths/weaknesses, strinking features, etc. that mark this person and perhaps would make her/him look out of place in certain high-profile situations.
  3. On a seperate slip of paper write down a situation in which this person may find her-/himself, that suddenly thrusts her/him into the limelight.
  4. These two slips of paper are now stuck up, randomly paired, all over the room. Walk around and find a combination you like.
  5. Write up the text about how the person you’ve chosen finds her-/himself in the situations and what is poignant about this. Remember: show, don’t tell...!

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