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By Rudolf Ammann, 8 October 2002

Weave a circle round him thrice

And close your eyes with holy dread,

For he on honey-dew hath fed,

And drunk the milk of paradise.

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The many prospects that entice,

And all the things he left unsaid

We may now take them all as read.

Whaddaya say, folks? Ain’t that nice?

Will he pluck or will he splice?

Caught up in my own hand-made thread,

He hangs ripely inside my head

Did he live only to die enticed?

Oh paridise (a holy cow.)

sustains him no longer now.

Paridise lost, his search vain.

he hops aboard the earth bound train.

Of his sight you must beware

Else he’ll transfix you in his space,

Make you lose your way to Grace.

All your days will not be fair.

Watch out! For in a trice,

he can be upon you, ere you fled,

and all the unthought will be said,

while you alone must pay the price.

The unthought: a pair of dice.

Seven come eleven!

Fire or ice?

Hell or heaven?

The wine of spring time’s muddied earth

lies in his mouth and freckled head.

Before he wakes make flowered bed

in circle cast with Elven mirth.

The moon is new. Tonight at last

you’ll kiss him on his spring-fresh lips.

His arms encircle waist and hips.

Move quick! Before the time is past.

But then again not all that fast

For the emotion might eclipse

the ecstasy of fish’n’chips

and you can but stand and gape —aghast.

Jerry met a flying fork,

rode it to the islands.

There he made a lot of friends

and made them do his work.

Songs in stone now deftly weft

With tales that heed the breeze

Transcend the gulf twixt not and is

Rebuild a frame of soul bereft.

Fy fy, a frame! But at its best
A fumiculous sprout of lice
Will willingly besiege your nest
And offer framework for the mice

Hah! I doubt a frame can hold
where mice are free to roam,
gnaw holes to make a home
and make a housewife’s blood run cold!

There once was a man from Nantucket

…well, you know the rest.

you already know everything. the candy
canes balanced precariously on the x-mas
tree and the dreadful stocking incident…


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