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By FAM, 16 May 2003

This is a new collaborative poem or rather a series thereof. The idea is to create collaboratively a string of haikus that are linked to each other by the last word in the third line.

In case you can’t remember how haikus go, here’s a brief reminder: haikus have three lines with 5, 7 and 5 syllables respectively. Traditionally they contain a reference to time or the seasons (we won’t bother with that) and a bug (as in “insect” but we won’t bother with that either).

Each new spring I hope

hayfever and sap rising

may decrease. Fat chance

Your Contributions

chance led me to you

as we crossed the river bridge,

a ray of sunshine

Sunshine flows golden

over the summer landscape.

Watch the midges fly.

Sunrise on a still pond

sun shines on a rainwashed leaf.

Swans and midges drink.

Drink the warm spring rain!

Waterpearls fall from the sky,

Cling to spiders’ webs.

The webs are cobby

with cedar pollen and so

is the balcony.

Sunlit balconies,

even in harshest winter,

look warm through the glass.

Glass fractured in shards

rainbows glitter in the light

color bursting free.

free busride ahead

the hobo sleeps and dreams of

his father’s warm hands

hands on my shoulders

where they’ve never been before

now where will they go

Go ahead of me

As a golden butterfly

I will watch from here.

here’s the plan: write books

go to cali to grow old

get a tan and die

Dying my hair isn’t

an option: I might as well

just go grey fully.

(fully understood

your note on the fridge tonight

i’ll be gone. promise)

Promise ties firmly

You are bound fast by your words.

Reason to not speak.

Speak now or forego

ever having him or her

fondling your piece

Piece together now

the puzzle I gave you to solve.

I’ll wager you can’t. ;)

can’t just hop a train

to paris to see The Boss

live- well here i go

“Go home!” - he tells them.

They nod and after the storm

they end up in clouds.

Clouds in cyberspace

dropping their poems like rain

virtual writers

Writers of haiku

living in harmony

under the stars

Stars along a sea

front. Gulls fly high above, drop

presents. Flash guns-Flash

Flash of light

shooting by overhead,

wonder in the sky.

Sky with golden hue

announces daybreak nearing,

another morning

Morning coffee can

help creative juices flow

Make mine a double

double rooms only!

check out at 12. leave money,

key and girl, cowboy

Cowboy rides the fence

Until summer sun is gone.

Fireflies taunt him.

He who is most free

chases not abstractedly

sees his place in life

Life— say what you want,

somehow it never has a

patch on the real thing.

Thing you oughtn’t know.

Curiosity kills the cat,

You know that, don’t you?

(for jack)

you traveled until

there was truth in gin; fare thee

well, catholic boy

(for richard)

boy, someone sure should

teach that cat how to shoot holes

in the kitchen wall

(richard, again)

(wall between me and…)

-understand???- ‘amór’ -she won’t talk to me, damnit

dammit, there he goes

too late for some action now

raise the count by one

one of them was still

breathing when she came down with

the stone - a dead fish

a dead fish - the stone

came down with her breathing and

one of them was still

still life with haiku:

word, mountain, tree, water, god, man; in that order

Order from my car

Give me convenience or give

me death. Almost food.

Food, well, food is good.

Now you expect me to write

about food. -Oh, dang!

food for my love

tainted with ketchup and roses

stomach yearning again and again

again you prune the

roses: the white, the red, green-

fly drying - millions

millions drive round cali

no one goes there to be old

nice frontage, my eye!

I don’t like tans, I

don’t like cars, I go there to

to write equations

(See “Surely you’re joking Mr Feynman”)

equations on white

paper napkins; coffee stains

on tales of failure

Who’s failure is it?

No one can hear anymore

the sound of feelings.

feelings is what he

talks about when all he wants

is your phone number

number of items

on the shopping list increase

week by week with teens

teens are snickering

behind your back as you pass

grip that blood-stained axe

get a grip on your

selflessness too self-centered

not left-justified

just in-fighting left

no self in the center to

get a grip on you

you said: but of course

I’ll see you again real soon!

ten months, nine days past

past mars on the left

one loop around mercury

straight into the sun

sun is gone. water

breaks on rocks. trout rise with tide.

child asks for a name.

name of the child breaks

on rocks like tide. watertrout

ask the sun to rise.

Rise and be blessed. Speak

words. Speak silence. Speak the sun

and midsummer night.

night falls and I see

it’s too late now to aks you

to dance till sunset

sunsets in paintbrush

and styrofoam sandcastles

cardboard nostalgia

nostalgia’s so nice…

Really! I miss the days when

I was nostalgic.

Nostalgic train rides:

Old, bleached out memories in

exchange for money.

money makes the world

go ‘round and so we chase each

other ‘round the world


world wide web, where we

write what we want, where wildest

wishes will wander

Wanda waves and leaves

drifting across lanes without

turning I wander

Wander on a mild

summer day, in shorts and shirt.

When summer storm starts.

(for jack kerouac)

started with a line

in lowell, massachusetts.

love is pea soup

peas and carrots and

broccoli and cauliflower —

eat your vegetables!

vegetables are green,

healthy; full of vitamines…

-have another sweet?

sweet and sickening

like jellybeans and popcorn

like your lovely lies

which truth lies in the

reflection from my mirror

after a loooong night?

night dark shadows lurk

in the corners of my room.

-why’d I watch that film?!

on my hands a film

of sweat as this heady June

heads into July

July and Julie

are two concepts that go

cheek to cheek

What a cheek to go

and say those things about me!

Even if they’re true.

true things come first or

first things come true, she said. she

was such a dreamer

Dreamer never see

the silver newmoon shimmer.

But Insomniacs do.

Do dodos dare down

the dark dizzy drink that Dan

distributes these days?

Days drop like honey;

Oozing forth golden and sweet.

Such great holidays!

Holidays last on

endlessly… -till they’re over

in just a few days.

haiku in A minor

days go by even

without you. but they do it

a wee bit slower.

potential lyrics to a Tindersticks song


potential lines in a Sarah Kane play

slower than a snail

on a hot tin roof my heart

dries and turns to dust

dust on the table,

grime on the window pane,

rain falling down

eiderdown calling

me back home on this grey cold

morning. I give in.

In the light of dawn

a silver waterstar twinkles

and blinking, it dies.

Dies heroically

in his dreams every night. Still

wakes up each morning.

The morning after

makes you pay for the fun you

had the night before

before spending nights

at home, know that morning makes

you pay anyway

Anyway is up

sky high dreams fly in the night

magic carpet ride

ride plastic horses

count magic in kilobytes

carpet your insides

Nico misses the ride

inside’s much better

on a night like this you can

skip that BBQ

a party no-one will forget

barbecued poodles,

a honey-glazed pony and

hamsters with whipped cream

Cream has gone sour,

fridge has broken down. Now flies

are buzzing instead.

At Hamburger Bahnhof Museum of Modern Art, Berlin

instead of at him

I look at bad art and think

hell, what does this mean

mean old world, good old

eric sang. So should I feel

sorry for him now.

Now I just feel fine

with Adrian by my side

helping me to rhyme

rhyme it again, sam

rhyme cry with windsor tie and

die with kidney pie

studying the menu

kidney pie, you see,

is like you: lovely outside,

sickening inside

When I heard the Learn’d Astronomer - The True Story

Inside, talk of maths.

Don’t get a thing. Popping out

for a cigarette.

breakfast of champions

cigarettes, coffee

and that fucking gorgeous smile

will do for breakfast

breakfast before dawn,

the only one up is me.

savouring the peace.

peaceful world beneath

a sky that’s so much older.

why can i see them?

them say me no know

how to make good reggae, mon

me say them no know

fact and fiction

know it’s not alright.

angry, my conscience protests.

while my courage fails.

oceans are merely

vast dreams in a reality

that doesn’t exist.

In the pattern of

sun, wind and swaying flowers,

butterflies rejoice.


rejoice at people

reading the rules of this game

it’s a chain-haiku!

A chain-haiku. But,

before all, a haiku, which means:

Don’t forget the bugs!


bugs the hell out of

me, the way he always grins.

a cheshire moon.

Moon and stars come out

As sun’s face is turned away,

Lonely sighs unheard.

Unheard stories float

In the darkblue night until

they freeze and shatter.

shatter-proof ego.

atom versus molecule.

but *I* stands alone…

a lone eye gazes
from dark lands and…drat, it’s time
that Part Three came out —

out of a long chain
in the middle, between earth
and post-production!

post… pm, post mortem,
post war, post office, post it…
-Now, where shall I start?

Combination Haiku

Start at the outpost
where alone, unheard the bugs
shatter moon shadows

Shadows silence light
murmurring jazz, seducing
the mute mouth of day

Day is everyday
The sun and moon together
Oh! early morning…

Day is everyday
The moon and sun together
Oh! early morning…

Morning star shines bright!
Cold winters and warm summers,
Mysterious glow of grey moon

moon shadows slowly
fall down on the grey forest
the owl is howling

How lingeringly
hangovers tell me these days
I’m no spring chicken.

chicken and gravy
left from yesterday’s dinner
now inseparable

inseparable the sleet
as it to grey refuse
on the streets does flow!

Flow fattened river,

Flood-bloated, death-glutted gush:

Sick as I, my blood.

Bloody guts to spew
such ugly images - but
in filth grow flowers

Flowers are towers
for ants. Maybe we are ants
for someone out there.

Old frogs-jump in
Ripples- move

Gentle Reminder

There are those who’ve read
The rules; others write heart-felt
stuff and ignore them all.

A cold tear falling
onto a burning heart can’t
stop the bitter pain.

Less Gentle Reminder

Pain’s what I feel when
stuff’s posted by folk who don’t
read the effing rules…

Rules: proper haiku
(5/7/5), last word must
be in next first line!

‘Toe the line or scram!’
-Nice way to treat you guests, FAM!
You’ve got a point, though…

Though here I am new
I wonder what i am to do
words, stresses,syllables or what

First five syllables,
then seven in the next line
and five in the last.

Take a word of the
third line of the last haiku
to start the next one.

Next thing you know, you
can’t stop writing haikus and
counting syllables…

Counting the days till
our time would come, I wasted
many golden years.

Two years this has been
Going on for now, back then
It started with Each

teyt 784r574 36ryewrtedghwrjhfgwfrugwtaur jessica

Only each letter
collects dust on its word-shelf,
for few find this link

Will I ever find
the place where the meaning lies
I seek all the time

Will I ever find
the place where the meaning lies
I seek all my life

life or time, is it?
whatever, it is finite,
whatever they say.

Eyes i looked into

Why did not you look back?

“Because my looks could kill”

Eyes i looked into

Why did not you look back?

“Because my looks could kill”

Eyes i looked into

Why did not you look back?

“Because my looks could kill”

“Go kill that toad, boy!”
The rain has driven them out
into the open


This project no longer accepts new contributions.

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