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Brigit Zogg

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Kenan’s Diary

June 11th: Lovely weather; a bit dry, perhaps. Difficult to enjoy the garden, though, because those people next door still keep on hammering from morning till night.

June 14th: At last! The hammering has stopped. I was right, by the way: It is supposed to be a barn, though it’s wider at the top than at the bottom. They are already filling it with hay and straw and turnips.

June 22nd: Very hot weather. Trouble with the people next door again: this time it’s their growing collection of pets. The place smells like a zoo.

June 30th: Extremely hot and dry. But the forecast announces a thunderstorm or two in the next few days.

July 2nd: Rain, at last, thank goodness. – Seems like my angry letter hit home, by the way: They’re keeping their pets inside the barn now. – And you won’t believe it: they’ve moved from their house into the barn, too! Raya is still worried, though. Well, I am, too, to be quite honest. There should be a law against keeping monkeys and elephants as pets, let alone lions.

July 11th: I really hope it will stop raining. Our garden is flooded.

July 15th: More rain, torrential in some areas. We’re cut off from the capital.

July 17th: I think the barn next door is falling to pieces. Seems to be reeling and rocking, anyway. No wonder. DIY of the worst kind.

July 18th: Woke up this morning to see that the barn has disappeared. Hope at least the lions got drowned. And the bears. Though I must admit the koalas looked sort of cute. Raya wonders if we should have some sort of memorial service. They were still our neighbours, after all.

July 19th: Still raining, in fact worse than ever. House flooded and shaking.

July 20th: Spent last night on the roof; water still rising. This is the end. Let’s face it: We will all get drowned, just like that idiot Noah next door and his private zoo.













Talking to myself
while cleaning out
the bluetits’ nesting-box
in early February

Don’t cry; now don’t cry,
that was so long ago.
All the others survived,
feathered bundles of joy.

They’ve been part of your life
for so many months now,
you have helped them grow strong,
fed them nuts, shooed off cats -

So then. Smile at them now,
their blue head, yellow breast,
and don’t cry for the one
you’ve found dead in the nest.

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